Criminal Defense

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Even the threat of criminal charges can be devastating. When the stakes are high and your chips are “all in” you need an experienced criminal defense attorney at your side. Karl Numinen has established an unparalleled track record of victories defending the accused.

When The Unexpected Happens

When you’re confronted with criminal allegations, you need the advice of experienced legal counsel immediately.  Whether you’re facing serious felony charges or a simple misdemeanor, the attorneys of Numinen, DeForge & Toutant, P.C. are ready to promptly respond to protect your rights. Karl Numinen Wins Criminal Trials.  Karl has obtained “Not Guilty” verdicts in a wide variety of criminal jury trials, including:

Karl Numinen Gets Results.  Sometimes the fight can be won before the battle ever begins.  In The Art of War, philosopher and military strategist Sun Tzu reasoned that, “To win without fighting is best.”  Karl embraces this philosophy and applies it to his criminal defense practice.  He has won more cases before trial by attacking illegal police procedures, disclosing fatal flaws in the prosecutor’s evidence, and revealing the deceptions of accusing witnesses.  A few examples of “winning without fighting” include:

For many more examples of case victories, go to Karl’s bio page and click on the SuperLawyers icon to review Karl’s on-line profile.

Karl Numinen Excels At Defending the Accused.  Criminal defense is highly specialized area of law and a potential mine field for the inexperienced.  When your very liberty is at stake, you want an attorney who has been there before and can guide you through the mine field without stepping on a land mine.  Karl Numinen devotes a substantial part of his practice to criminal defense and he is constantly striving to hone his skills.

Mr. Numinen is Of Counsel to Michigan’s Premiere DUI defense law firm: Barone Defense Firm

Types of Criminal Cases Handled

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