07 Dec
Pence Hired As Marquette County Civil Counsel
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Pence & Numinen, PC is pleased to announce that attorney Steve Pence was selected as the new civil counsel for Marquette County by a vote of the Marquette County Board of Commissioners on December 2, 2014.  “I want to thank the board for their trust in me in the appointment of civil counsel,” Pence said after the announcement.  Pence brings over 35 years of legal experience to the job, including terms as the elected prosecutor and civil counsel for Delta County and two terms as a Commissioner on the Marquette board.  Gerald Corkin, chair of the Board of Commissioners, praised Pence for his experience and expertise and said the board made the best selection out of the many qualified candidates who applied for the position.  Pence will continue to practice as a partner of Pence & Numinen, PC in addition to his duties as Marquette County civil counsel.

03 Oct
Former Police Officer Acquitted
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Marquette —  After a three-day jury trial, attorney Karl Numinen obtained a full acquittal for his client, a former police officer accused of several counts of felony criminal sexual assault.  The retired police officer, who was employed as a bus driver for the Marq-Tran municipal bus service, was accused of sexually assaulting one of his passengers, a developmentally disabled woman.  The client adamantly denied the allegations.  At trial, Numinen was able to show how the accuser’s allegations were a product of coaching and suggestion by untrained interrogators.  The prosecutor’s circumstantial evidence was discredited through Numinen’s thorough cross examination.

17 Apr
Numinen Elected Secretary of CDAM Board
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CDAM-Logo\r\n\r\nKarl Numinen is elected to serve a second term as Secretary of the Board of the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan (CDAM). Karl is an active member of CDAM, having served on its board of directors, taught advanced criminal law seminars, and represented CDAM as amicus counsel before the Michigan Court of Appeals.

09 Apr
Pence Announces Reelection Bid
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Marquette — Steve Pence announced his bid for reelection to the Board of the Marquette County Commission for a second term. In a recent article in “Word on the Street,” journalist Brian Cabell called Pence “one of the UP’s sharpest and most respected attorneys.” Not surprisingly, Pence’s potential opponent says, “he’s got nothing against Pence — he’s voted for him in the past — but he just likes working in government.” Pence is a thoughtful and deliberate commissioner and often serves as the voice of reason in what had been a deeply divided and contentious board.

26 Aug
Numinen Wins Full Acquittal For Client
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Marquette — After an emotional trial involving allegations of sexual abuse of a child, the jury rendered its “Not Guilty” verdict on behalf of our client after less than an hour of deliberation. The trial, which took place in the United States District Court in Marquette, Michigan, was the culmination of a long ordeal for our client who faced up to 30 years in prison if convicted. The Government relied heavily on the testimony of its expert witness, a psychologist specializing in the area of child development, and the social worker who conducted the Forensic Interview of the child. “Despite the testimony of the social worker, the psychologist, and the mother of the child, the jury obviously weighed my client’s testimony more favorably,” Numinen said.

22 Mar
Numinen Presents on False Confessions
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Troy —  Attorney Karl Numinen teaches a class on handling false confession cases with Dr. Richard Ofshe, professor emeritus at the University of California – Berkeley, and William Fleener from the acclaimed Innocence Project.  The presentation was put on by the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan at its Advanced Skills Seminar on March 14, 2013 in Troy, Michigan.  Dr. Ofshe, a nationally recognized expert on coercive police tactics, introduced an award-winning documentary film, “Scenes of a Crime,” the story of Adrian Thomas and the abusive New York City police interrogation tactics which led to his giving a false confession to a crime he did not commit.  The Los Angeles Times says, “If you watch ‘Scenes of a Crime’ — and you very much should — be prepared to be outraged.  A cool documentary that makes the blood boil, it examines how people can be psychologically manipulated into confessing.”

15 Nov
Numinen Presents to Criminal Lawyers
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Traverse City —  Attorney Karl Numinen teaches a class on “How To Prepare Your Client To Testify At Trial” with the former president of the State Bar of Michigan, Tom Cranmer, to members of the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan at the CDAM conference November 8, 2012.

26 Sep
Numinen Case Front Page Feature In WSJ
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From The Wall Street Journal, Page One (Sept. 24, 2012)



\r\n\r\n\r\n”MARQUETTE, Mich.—In mid June, under a deal with federal prosecutors, Kenneth Kassab was on the verge of pleading guilty to illegally transporting thousands of pounds of explosives when he changed his mind. A week later, he was acquitted by a federal jury.\r\n\r\nThough Mr. Kassab maintained his innocence, he said in an interview that he had been prepared to plead guilty to avoid the risk of possibly decades in prison. ***  On April 19, the 17th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, armed federal agents arrested Mr. Kassab. Prosecutors charged him with transporting explosives illegally and as a felon in possession of explosives. The latter charge was based on run-ins with the law Mr. Kassab had in the late 1980s and early 1990s.  ***\r\n\r\nIn a recent interview, Karl Numinen, Mr. Kassab’s court-appointed lawyer, said he viewed the case as a tough one. Court records show that by 1989 Mr. Kassab had picked up his third DUI conviction, making him a felon under Michigan law. The following year, he walked away from a community corrections facility, adding an escape charge to his rap sheet. In 1991, again inebriated, he broke a police-car window with a rock, another felony.  ***  Mr. Numinen told his client his chances at trial were bleak, both men recall, especially since he would be tried with Mr. Lechner, who was being charged with explosives-related activities, including transporting ANFO without a permit. That raised the specter of guilt by association.  ***\r\n\r\nAt the trial, Mr. Kassab took the stand and told the jury he thought he was just moving fertilizer for his boss. None of the government’s witnesses presented evidence of darker intent, though some federal agents said Mr. Kassab should have known he was handling an explosive.  After two hours of deliberation, the jury convicted Mr. Lechner on six of eight counts, including illegal transportation and storage of explosive materials.  Mr. Kassab was acquitted on both charges he faced.”

19 Sep
Numinen Named Super Lawyer for 2012
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Karl Numinen is honored to have been selected again this year for inclusion in the 2012 Super Lawyers publication.  The Michigan Super Lawyers list was published September 16, 2012 as a special insert in The New York Times as well as a magazine edition sent to all attorneys in Michigan.  This is the second year Mr. Numinen has been included in Super Lawyers.  To see Karl Numinen’s Super Lawyer Profile, click:  SuperLawyer Profile

08 Sep
Numinen Wins Another Major Jury Trial
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Marquette —  Karl Numinen obtained a “not guilty” jury verdict in the trial of a a man accused of sexual assault.  The jury rendered its verdict Thursday, September 6th after less than two hours of deliberation.  The defendant was faced with a 10-year felony and mandatory registration on the Sex Offender Registry, if convicted.  During the trial, Numinen destroyed the credibility of the accuser by revealing the many fabrications and inconsistencies in her story.  Further, Numinen’s relentless cross examination of the police officers convinced the jury that there was absolutely no evidence corroborating the allegations against Numinen’s client.  One juror called Numinen’s trial presentation, “Impressive!”